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Welcome to the Auscope National Virtual Core Library (NVCL) Web

NVCL Software Deployment

Introduction - Vision and Strategy

Vision: The Auscope National Virtual Core Library will create an innovative, collaborative, earth-science research network building a high-resolution picture of the mineralogy and composition of the upper 1-2 km of the Australian continent derived from the huge and rich legacy of drill hole samples already held, and to be acquired in the future, by State and Federal Geological Surveys and Industry. It will build future knowledge on past endeavours, and continue this into the future to minimise further duplication.

Strategy: The means to achieve this Vision is the deployment into each Geological Survey in Australia of new, Australian-developed, hyperspectral core and chips scanning technology (HyLogging Technology) to permit rapid drill-core and drill-chip scanning (comprising high-resolution imaging and reflectance spectroscopy) to extract mineralogical and core characteristics often not visible to the naked eye ("discovering what you cannot see").

The Auscope NVCL is a journey that will persist beyond the current 2005-2011 project.

Partners, Stakeholders & Contacts

The develoment of the Auscope NVCL is a collaboration of Auscope Pty Ltd (acting under the NCRIS programme of the Federal Dept of Innovation Industry Science and Research-DIISR), CSIRO, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Geological Survey of Queensland, Geoscience Victoria, Mineral Resources Tasmania, NSW Geological Survey, Northern Territory Geological Survey, Primary Industry and Resources South Australia, and with representation from Geoscience Australia.

For full team email and phone contacts see: AuScope_NVCL_Team_Contacts_July_2009.doc

NVCL Operations & Access Committees

Committee Role

The overarching role of the Operations Committee is to coordinate a commonly agreed strategy for the implementation of the NVCL subject to the Auscope investment plan objectives. For detailed roles see: NVCL_Operations_Committee_Role.ppt. Membership comprises the nominated "Custodians" from each participating Geological Survey, plus Geoscience Australia and CSIRO.


Meeting Documents

April 23rd 2008 Sydney

April 7th 2009 Teleconference

Access Sub-committee

The role of the NVCL Access sub-committee is to develop policies (for ratification by the NVCL Operations Committee and Auscope CEO) regarding Access and Pricing for use of the publicly-funded NCRIS/Auscope NVCL hardware, database infrastructure and contained data.

Click for AccessSubCommittee page

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Auscope and NVCL participants both have KPIs reflected in their AIM Annual and Term Business Plans. These are critical metrics used by DIISR to track the overall Auscope projects' performance against the investment. Wherever possible Participants' KPIs must include and support the higher-level Auscope KPIs. Participants will find it easier to use these, even if they wish to add others of their own. It is strongly recommended that these be kept short, simple, and above all, achievable and measureable.

Click here for the Auscope and the NVCL Component KPIs are: AuScope KPIs (PDF)

Mid-Term Review (Auscope & NVCL Component) (updated June 22 2009)

  • Important information coming concerning the June 17-19 2009 Review

Review Panel

Terms of Reference

Review Presentation Melbourne June 18th 2009

NVCL Operations

Operations Plan

HyLoggerOperationsArea - a discussion area for sharing lessons and ideas on using your hylogger

This is a draft. Please either comment, solicit questions from, or respond to Jon Huntington (

Hylogger Set-up and Ergonomics

This document presents a review of set-up options and ergonomic configurations of Hyloggers with respect to core tray loading and experiences of OH&S issues. It is important for Surveys who are planning buildings or containers to house their NVCL Hyloggers. The version below is July 17th 2008.
See: HyLogger_Set-up_Options_V3D.pdf.

Thanks to Georgina Gordon and Alan Mauger for addition of their ideas to this document. Please see the following version of their experiences of the various layout options (dated July 28th 2008). See: HyLoggerErgonomicsGGordon.pdf. Their latest and it seems currently preferred "u" shaped plan can be viewed here (dated August 7th 2008): See: PIRSA_HyLogger_U_Layout_Aug08.pdf

If you need a (larger) Powerpoint version of any of these please contact Jon Huntington (

Core Selection and Prioritisation

Here are guidelines for selecting and prioritising which drill cores to scan for the AuScope NVCL (Posted Sept 7th 2009).
See: Core_Selection__Prioritisation_Criteria.doc

Optimal Core Tray Design Review

Here we are posting results of a community review of criteria as to what constitutes "HyLogging-friendly core and chip trays", with the aim of improving HyLogging and NVCL workflow and safety. Please see the attached list of criteria and feel free to send email updates to or post your own thoughts here. Thanks.
See: HyLogging_Friendly_Core_Trays

Users and User Requirements

User Requirements need to be considered for the various User Groups of the entire "NVCL System".
Perceived User Groups include:

- Geological Surveys as NVCL node operators, drill core custodians, raw data collectors and information managers and geologicla researchers.
- Commercially-focussed Exploration and Mining companies, consultants
- Academic researchers (Honors, M.Sc and Ph.D students)
- Individual geoscientists
- Others ?

Use-cases (updated May 3 2009)

A fully-functional Use-case Demonstrator is available for review and comment at

A Core Library Visitor Use Case.

The NVCL provides an opportunity to increase the number of visitors to Survey core libraries, and significantly increase their visit experience by:
  • increasing their awareness of the library's existence and what is in them,
  • allowing them to preview some cores on the Internet before making an actual visit, and
  • augmenting their visit expereeince by providing access to Hylogged mineralogical results on a local TSG-equiped workstation/Laptop when they do visit. In the latter case CSIRO has experimented with an LCD screen the same size as a core tray standing vertically behind the core tray rollers so that visitors can examine both the actual core as well as the Hylogged results (on the TSG tray screen) at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers (May 3 2009)

We will post here FAQs, but please feel free to post your own questions here also and we will endeavour to answer them promptly.

State NVCL Node Updates

Please post news of developments, appointments, research, etc.

GSQ (last updated Sept 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • Precursor Hylogging (Hychips 6-3) measurement program successfully completed in September 2008 at Zillmere in Brisbane. Drill holes scanned included: Biggenden NS10, Grieves Quarry NS5, Kilkivan NS53, and Mt Turner NS4.
  • From a 2004 Hylogger-1 demonstration project Hylogged cores also exist from Coulston, Lawn Hill, Emerald, and Anaconda.
  • Recruitment of GSQ's HyLogging geologist, Suraj Gopalakrishnan is complete (April '09), as is their HyLogging operator, Ryz Wedepohl (August 2009).
  • Ryz and Suraj are both located at the Zillmere Core Library in Brisbane and report to Mark Thornton who took over as the AuScope NVCL custodian (July 2009).

GS NSW (last updated April 29 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • New NVCL Geologist (Dr Meagan Clissold) appointed. Meagan is based in the core library at the W.B. Clarke Geoscience Centre at Londonderry just outside Sydney.
  • After detailed planning between the Geological Survey and CSIRO, the Survey has taken delivery of a new container-sized transportable building to house the NSW node. It is currently installed at the Londonderry Core Library.
  • Ongoing discussion and planning underway between the Survey and CSIRO w.r.t data management, ICT, Citrix Server, databases, confidentiality and publishing.
  • Two supporting core library technicians appointed to work Monday to Wednesday each week on logging, leaving Thursday and Friday for data analysis.
  • GS NSW started pre-cursor logging program using Hychips 6-4 instrument in Feb 2009 as part of training pending delivery of their Hylogger-2 instrument in early May. Several drill holes from Dargues Reef in the Majors Creek Goldfield new Braidwood and from the Doradilla tin field in northern NSW have been logged.
  • GS NSW plan to launch their NVCL node at the "Exploration in the House" seminar on June 18th 2009.

GSWA (last updated July 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • NVCL Geologist (Dr Lena Hancock) appointed. Lena is based at the Carlisle Core Library in Perth
  • A lot of historical HyLogger-1 data (some 46 holes comprising 7250 metres) collected in 2004-2005 through MERIWA project M373 is available to be brought into the NVCL in due course.
  • GSWA are sponsors of the MERIWA M400 HyLogging Validation and Technology Transfer research project being conducted by CSIRO and nine other mining company sponsors. With other sponsors' test data GSWA is supporting validation of previously HyLogged drill holes (some of which that may become part of the NVCL) by means of thin section analysis, XRD and microprobe analysis and ore systems interpretation. A small amount (only) of additional logging with a HyChips instrument is expected.
  • GSWA's HyLogger-2 instrument was delivered on July 16th 2009. Comissioning and training will take place during the week starting July 20th. It is being established in a customised shipping container with supporting delivery rollers at the Carlisle core library in Perth. It will make visits to Kalgoorlie periodically.
  • Paul Morris has taken over from Ivor Roberts as the GSWA NVCL node custodean as Ivor's engaged on other projects.

GSV (last updated January 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • Precursor HyLogging measurement program conducted August 2007 of ~3964 metres.

MRT (last updated January 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • Precursor HyLogging measurement program conducted October 2007 of ~4150metres.

NTGS (last updated January 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • Precursor HyLogging measurement program successfully completed in October 2008.

PIRSA (last updated May 3 2009)

  • Auscope agreement signed.
  • Precursor HyLogging measurement of Emmie Bluff (IOCG) hole completed December 2007.
  • Support for NVCL researcher (Michelle Goryniuk at Adelaide Uni) started on Olympic Dam core.
  • A lot of historical data available from previous HyLogger-1 campaigns to be brought into the NVCL.
  • PIRSA data available via SARIG web portal.
  • A3 pdf files depicting interpreted downhole mineralogy are available from the GIS layer. Functionality exists to deliver csv format data on metres of mineral per hole. In addition tray pictures can be delivered through links to SAGEODATA. The following instructions allow users to see populated database entries. Populating the database is an ongoing work program. Updated by Alan Mauger - 30 Jul 2008.
  • PIRSA's HyLogger-2 was delivered to the Glenside core library in Adelaide on May 4th 2009.

CSIRO Infrastructure Development News & Updates

NVCL Hardware - HyLogger-2 Development News, Timelines & Photos. (updated June 22 2009)

April 2009 - Contact Dr Lew Whitbourn (

HyLogger Delivery Schedule (estimated best case) followed by operational training (updated June 22 2009):

  • NSW GS: before May 15th 2009 - Operational
  • PIRSA: May 4th 2009 (shipping from Sydney May 1st) - Operational
  • GSWA: end June 2009 (Operational mid July)
  • GSQ: end August 2009 (Operational)
  • MRT: mid October 2009
  • NTGS: early December 2009 (TBC)
  • GSV: 2010 (via lease with upgraded HyLogger-2). Details TBD by Lew Whitbourn
Note: The TIR prototype upgrade will not begin seriously before Christmas 2009 with progresisve roll-out during the first 6 months of 2010. For details contact Lew Whitbourn (Phone (02) 9490-8602 and email above).

HyLogger-2 Instrument Photographs (May 2009)

HyLogger-2 Instrument Dimensions

Information Extraction News (TSG-Core, etc.) Updated October 2009

July 2008 - Contact Jon Huntington ( or Peter Mason (

The latest version (October 2009) of TSG-Core is available from Ausspec International ( The first copy is covered by Auscope project funds and should be delivered free of charge. Subsequent copies are to individual Survey's accounts. For details on Auscope TSG-Core provision see: Auscope_NVCL_TSG_Core_Licenses.doc

The initial NVCL beta version of TSG-Core Enterprise (with database connectivity) will be TSG-Core Version 7 (with TSA Version 6) inside. This beta version (at least) will be delivered with each NVCL HyLogger starting during May 2009.

The current (October 2009) version of TSG-Core Version If you are running an older version consider an upgrade from Ausspec International. note Version 7.00.1 upwards will require a new free license from Ausspec.

NVCL Data Management News (Data models, rates, databases, web apps & portals, etc.)

July 2008 - Contact Peter Warren (

Demonstration and publicity of the benefits and success of the Auscope NVCL are critical to its widespread utilisation and future support by all stakeholders. Please consider mechanisms for quality publicity within your jurisdictions, remembering this is a National and Collaborative project.


A series of Auscope posters in a common format are being designed with co-branding between Auscope and each Survey. Each will feature a dataset from the appropriate State/Territory Survey. These can be made available by Auscope for internal and conference use. Download copies of final and draft versions from here (or in due course from the Auscope website):

Papers Presented

  • Huntington, J. F., 2008, The Auscope National Virtual Core Library, Towards a New National Pre-Competitive Data Set. Australian Earth Science Convention, July 21st 2008 Perth. Powerpoint available.
  • Mauger, A.J., 2009, Regional Alteration Mapping Using Spectral Mineralogy Gawler Craton SA. South Australia Exploration Investment Conference, Adelaide Hilton, May 4th, 2009. Powerpoint available. See: Alan mauger May 2009 SAREIC Powerpoint


  • *Core On Line* in Earth Matters No 19 April 2009 PDF
  • _Pain Relief for Geologists_in MERIWA Research News Feb 2007.
  • See:
  • Hylogging Project in GSV's Discover Magazine, November 2007, page 13
  • Len Cranfield (2009), The HyLogger Partnership, Queensland Government Mining Journal, Autumn 2009, No.1234, pp. 58-61.
  • Michelle Tappert et al. (2009), Using reflectance spectroscopy between 412-2500 nm to log drill core from the Olympic Dam iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposit, South Australia". In preparation for Economic Geology.


  • Alteration in the National Virtual Core library and TSG Workshop. AESG Conference Feb. 2009.

1st National Virtual Core Library Symposium - 2010

Late in 2008 CSIRO MDU, with Auscope support, submitted a proposal to CSIRO Corporate for a grant to host a Frontier Science Symposium. Such symposia have an aim of bringing together groups working at the interface of disparate disciplines. Our proposal was successful and gained a grant to host a symposium provisionally entitled "3D Spectroscopy of the Earth's Skin - 1st National Virtual Core Library Symposium". Amongst other goals it is intended to draw together all scientists working on the Auscope NVCL, a strong University student representation, several international scientists from the planetary hyperspectral spectroscopy community, and specialists from a variety of other related disciplines. The proposed date for the 3-4 day symposium is sometime towards the end of the first half of 2010 when exciting results will be appearing from across the NVCL project, and possibly on the back of some other geoscientific conference. A planning committee will be drawn up in about May 2009.

All Auscope NVCL stakeholders are invited and of course strongly encouraged to participate and consider papers and attendance.

Further details from Jon Huntington (

Research (Plans, Proposals and Current)

Proposals (ideas, submissions & procedures)

Quality research proposals from candidates wishing to use State-based NVCL Hylogging facilities at reduced research rates are strongly encouraged and in the first instance should apply to the NVCL Custodian in the State where they wish to use such facilities. Research proposals will then be assessed on merit by a small panel in order to qualify for reduced rates. See role of NVCL Access Committee above. Custodians are listed under Operations Committee Membership above.

Current (underway)

Michelle Goryniuk: Project Title - The reflectance spectroscopy of ore and alteration minerals in IOCG style deposits.

  • Contact: Centre for Mineral Exploration under Cover, Earth and Environmental Sciences,
  • The University of Adelaide, South Australia, 5005, and the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Email:, Email:
  • Web:
  • Web:
  • Sponsoring Agency: PIRSA
  • Project Summary Pending. Drill-holes studied: Olympic Dam IOCG Cu Au South Australia.
  • Project working report submitted for internal review January 2009.
  • February 2009 Michelle transfered to the University of Victoria (British Columbia) to complete a PhD on this topic jointly between Adelaide and UVic.
  • July 2009 Paper in preparation "Using reflectance spectroscopy between 412-2500 nm to log drill core from the Olympic Dam iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposit, South Australia".

Alan Mauger (PIRSA) & Jon Huntington (CSIRO): Project Title - The mineralogy of Emmie Bluff IOCG style prospect and its cover rocks, South Australia.

  • Contact: Dr Alan Mauger, PIRSA, South Australia.
  • Subsequent to 25 mm core logging of DDH SAE6 with CSIRO's Hychips 6-3 instrument validation studies have been undertaken to confirm by independent means specific mineralogy at selected depths with an externally contracted petrology report and XRD analysis. This study included both the neoproterozoic cover and the basement rocks hosting mineralisation.

Emily House (GSV) Sasha Pontual (Ausspec), Denis Arne (Consultant), Jon Huntington (CSIRO) and Martin Schodlok (CSIRO): Project Title - Hyperspectral interpretation of alteration haloes associated with Victorian gold deposits.

David Green, (MRT) and Jon Huntington (CSIRO): Project Title - Mineralogy of selected Tasmanian mineral deposits as revealed by Hylogging data.

  • Contact Dr David Green, Mineral Resources Tasmania.
  • Study has to date comprised Hylogged drill holes from the vicinity of the Henty Gold Mine (Mt Julia), Chester Hill (VMS), Basin Lake (VMS), Wart Hill (VMS), Anchor Sn mine, O'Briens mesothermal Au mine, Lefroy mesothermal Au prospect, Grieves Siding Zn prospect, Specimen Hill Cu prospect, Alpine Cu prospect, and the Mary Hill Au mine, Cygnet.

Tony Roache, Jon Huntington, John Walshe (CSIRO): Project Title: - On-site Validation and Implementation of new Hylogging Technologies - Technology Transfer and Re-skilling.

  • MERIWA Project M400. Duration 2 years from April 2008.
  • Sponsored by GSWA, 5 Barrick Gold Australia Business Units, Gold Fields Australia, Consolidated Minerals, Heron Resources, Vale/INCO, KCGM, CSIRO and MERIWA
  • Contact: Tony Roache: or
  • Sponsor training workshops have been undertaken and extensive validation of previously Hylogged cores is underway with XRD, SEM and electron microprobe with parallel correlation with multi-element geochemistry where available.

Completed (past)

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